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Coffee Cup with Coffee Blossom and Coffee Bean Plant Background
K Cups Tea Custom Variety Packs
K Cups Cocoa and Hot Chocolate Flavors Custom Variety Packs

Store Closing 9/30/2017

K Cups Variety Packs! No More Buying a Box of One Flavor

It's finally here. The Best K Cups Coffee Flavors at the Cheapest Price in Variety Packs You Customize. Discount Hot Chocolate & Tea & Coffee, Custom Picked by You! It just doesn't get any better than that.

Are you a coffee connoisseur--looking for that perfect k cup flavor?

Now you can order k cup custom variety packs. Choose 5 or more k cups in any flavors and any amounts you want in any variety you want! No gimmicks and no limits. From coffee to keurig tea to hot cocoa and cappuccino, it's all about your choice. Try all new flavors or get multiples of a flavor you love.

Orange Coffee Cup with Coffee Beans Spilling Out

Some examples:

  • You're a 1-cup a day coffee drinker and want to try a new flavor each day this week. You choose 1 k cup each of 7 different coffee flavors to start your sipping journey.
  • You love cappuccino and want to try everything that even hints of that fabulous concoction, so you order 60 of your number one favorite flavor and 1 each of 8 other interesting candidates to try from time to time.
  • Hot cocoa and tea are your favorite beverages, so you order several varieties of each to have on hand when the mood strikes. 

Are you looking for that full-bodied flavor-blast or a signature coffee you can call your own? Make your own sampler pack or choose a gift variety- pack for that special "k-cup lover" in your life.

Do you love discount k cups and want the cheapest price? Get the best price k cups without having to buy in 12-pack boxes or in bulk. And only take the flavors you want.

No k cup coupons necessary. Just imagine. You get the best k cup single serve coffee at the lowest price. All in a truly single-serve way.

Your way. At the best price. For real.

At K Cups Your Way, our mission is clear. Find the best "brew for you" k cup flavors at the best prices.


Folgers Morning Cafe KCups Coffee with Spring themed coffee cup
Brooklyn Beans Cinnamon 

Subway KCups
Green Mountain 

KCups Island Coconut
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